'Ronald Ragin' Long Sleeve Tee – United

'Ronald Ragin' Long Sleeve Tee
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Ronald Reagan Partying Long Sleeve Tee
'Ronald Ragin' Long Sleeve Tee
RONALd Ragin American Flag
Ronald Ragin United Tees, Ronald Reagan
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'Ronald Ragin' Long Sleeve Tee

Actor turned President of the United States, Ronald Reagan is an American Legend. Did you know that this republican superstar threw ragers in the oval office? Although we have no facts to back this statement up, this light-weight cotton long sleeve tee will be one of your most comfortable conversation starters in your closet. This shirt comes in colors white or ash grey, making it the perfect compliment to dark jeans. The vintage black and white photo of Ronald Reagan looks great. Be a frat superstar in this United Tee.