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American Flag UV400 Sunglasses
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American Flag Stars & Stripes Sunglasses
American Dream American Flag UV Protection Sunglasses
American Flag United Tees Spring Break-Live the American Dream
American Flag Stars & Stripes Sunglasses United Tees
American Flag Beach Sunglasses
UV400 Safe Protection American Flag Sunglasses

These sunglasses are UV400 which is 100% protection from ultraviolet rays from the sunRead on WebMD- How to pick good sunglasses. Protect your eyes from the bright American sun. Wear Protection. Look Sharp in these American Flag Sunglasses from United Tees. Choose between 2 styles.

Our 'Stars & Stripes' Sunglasses have stars on the front across the top and the red & white stripes of the American Flag are on the earpiece.
The 'American Flag' Sunglasses have the american flag in its natural position on the front. Stars in the upper left corner and bars going across-the earpieces are black. Soak up the sun, keep your eyes safe, and look like an All-American on the beach. Live the American Dream-Order Today.