Flag Day- The Most Underrated Holiday

We all Love the American Flag. There's beauty in stars & stripes and the red, white & blue colors. Plus the flag represents Freedom & the greatest country in the world- the USA. Obviously, summer is all about Living the American Dream as much as possible. From Memorial Day to the 4th of July, every weekend must be 'American AF' and filled with Boating, Beaches, Lakes, Beers, Friends & Freedom.

Year after year, Flag Day gets completely ignored! Shouldn't everybody a have the DAY OFF for the Nationally Recognized Holiday commemorating our American Flag?!? In 1777 on June 14th, the American Flag became the OFFICIAL Flag of our great nation- we should be shooting off fireworks in every city accross the country! The Holiday is much too Underrated!

There are 5 cities who have it figured out! A Flag Day Parade is held each year in Fairfield, Washington, Appleton, Wisconsin, Quincy, Massachusetts, Three Oaks, Michigan, and Troy, New York who has had 50,000 people in attendance!Flag Day should be a day off!

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