The Story Behind the Legendary 'College' Animal House Sweatshirt

It should be required at freshman orientation that every incoming college student see the movie Animal House. This is the ultimate college party movie that put fraternity houses, college parties, shout, and chugging straight from the bottle  on the map. College is home away from home. Nobody is there to tell us what to do, and nobody can stop us from drinking non-stop all weekend long, and even showing up to a few classes throughout the week.

In the movie Animal House, John "Bluto" Blutarsky played by John Belushi is in his 7th year of college. He is the man who makes the 'College' Sweatshirt the most legendary crewneck sweatshirt known man. 'Bluto' is the reason why  parents are terrified to send their kids off to huge party schools. He is introduced by pissing outside of the legendary  Delta house at Faber College. Bluto is part of the Delta fraternity who have seen better days. The house is falling apart, but that doesn't stop the Delts from having the wildest 'Animal House' party on campus. 
The Most legendary scene, that has been reenacted by college kids for generations, is when Bluto chugs an entire bottle of Jack Daniels. Millions of Dorm rooms and frat houses have this poster hanging on the walls. This is the scene where the Navy Blue Animal House 'College' Sweatshirt became Legendary. Legend has it that the actor John Belushi actually chugged real Jack Daniels.
Throughout the movie Bluto starts a food fight, steals answer to a test and still fails, smashes a guitar wearing a toga, and drops to a 0.0 GPA. After the Deltas get kicked off campus, Bluto concludes his legacy with a speech that fires up everyone not to give up. His passionate, alcohol inspired speech went "Did you say Over? NOTHING is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?! Hell No!" They fraternity, with nothing left, goes to wreak havoc at the homecoming parade.

At the end of the Movie, as Bluto takes off in a white convertible, it is revealed that he goes on to be a successful United States Senator. In Animal House, Bluto shows us that during college, we may do dumb things. We may party too hard, get into trouble, and probably wont get straight A's. That doesn't mean we cant be successful beyond all measures. College is when you learn about yourself, make mistakes, live it up, and grown as a person. Thank You, Bluto.

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  • Dean Wormer

    The original sweatshirt was bought at Guzall’s in Carbondale, Illionois when John briefly attended the university before dropping out to pursue an acting career. He was a member of the Delta Chi fraternity which is where the Delta Tau Chi fraternity in the movie came from.

  • Ghost of Fawn Leibowitz

    Misinformation, regrettable adulation, shameless product promotion. This article is utter shite.

  • Kent Dorfman

    Dumbest article ever on the internet. Quite an accomplishment

  • tom

    This was not the origin of the ‘college’ shirt, the article has NOTHING about the origin of the shirt…what a stupid and misleading headline.

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