American Legends

There is no bigger honor for an individual then being considered among America's "Legends". An American Legend is a person who becomes a symbol that represents the American Culture. From entertainers to politicians, American Legends are people who have made an impact in one way or another on the Red, White, and Blue.  In our nation's short 237 year history only a select few people have been placed on this American Pedestal. Since our country is so young, our legends are not mystical Gods like the Greek and Romans, our Legends are real people who made a difference in the lives we live today. Our legends are remembered, photographed, and lived among us.  Many American difference-makers like Bill Gates and Muhammed Ali are still living among us today. The United States is the best county in the world because of the citizens, but some people stand out and become American Legends.



Our 'American Legends' Tank Top design brings together the names of various American Icons with patriotic words and American Symbols to form the name of the greatest country in the World, America. This American Tank Top design is a USA $15 Dollar Tees original and is available as a unisex tank top in white and sport grey. 


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