Welcome to $USA-15 Dollar Tees – United Tees

Welcome to $USA-15 Dollar Tees

Welcome to USA-15 DollarTees

The store is now open, with 3 shirts available for now.  Many more shirts will be up for sale as time goes on.  The shirts are pictured below and we are excited to get them onto your body.  Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter, and pretty soon we will be having contests giving away free shirts!


Be proud to be American, USA!


  • Angel

    I installed the pacgake last night in a brand new SC 6.2 install. I made some dummy templates and tried to generate the custom items but the generate button didn’t do anything. I suspect something may have been missing from the pacgake? Today I’m going to pull the source from SVN and build it myself.

  • Alby

    what a great cause! and that tee is adorable!and the veiny feet comenmt made me laugh because i am 12 years younger than you and i have the exact same veins in my feet. haha!

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