We have the Exclusive- Unique Pocket Racerback Dress. Nobody Else has – United Tees

We have the Exclusive- Unique Pocket Racerback Dress. Nobody Else has this.

There is no more classic american look than a lady on a warm summer day wearing a causal dress that's blowing lightly in the wind. This Unique Pocket Racerback Dress is a perfect fit for our brand because it’s made to be worn while ‘Living the American Dream.’

Wear this dress on nautical summer adventures- to the beach as a cover up, or while taking a boat-ride out on the lake. Wear it while shopping around the city & getting lunch with your friends. It's the perfect look to sport on a vacation, or even on a weekend trip that has the perfect balance between relaxing & adventure. Wear this dress why sipping sweet tea and keeping cool- you'll love this exclusive & fashionable summer dress.

Unique Pockets are becoming a staple of our brand. Anytime you see the phrase ‘Unique Pocket’ it means that you get to choose your own pattern for the front pocket that will go on your choice of tee, tank top, sweatshirt, or now dress! This racerback dress is available in royal blue, red & ash- then choose between 5 of our most popular unique pocket patterns.

Unique Pocket Dress- United Tees

This is one of our most exclusive products- nobody else has a summer dress like this with unique pocket options. Fraternity Collection, who is known for their pockets, doesn’t have a dress option. Jadelynn Brooke does not carry any dresses, and every dress at Lauren James is over $100- and you don’t get to add your own unique style by choosing a pocket! The only thing close we could find was this v-neck dress from Frocket. It’s a much different dress & it is over $50- Our Unique Pocket Racerback Dress is only $32.95! 

Not only will you look cute, preppy & patriotic- but you’ll feel comfortable & free-spirited. You’ll also have the confidence that nobody else is wearing the same unique pocket dress as you. When you’re wearing United, it’s time to enjoy your freedom & Live the American Dream.

If we haven't already made it clear, this video may help convince you that these Unique Pocket Racerback Dresses are 'Cool for the Summer.'

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