Red, White & Brand New! Live the American Dream in our Patriotic Pocket Baseball Tee

If you’ve been watching our brand grown over the past 3 years, you know that our clothing is designed to reflect the ‘American Dream’ lifestyle. We're all so lucky to be Americans. It’s something we need to remind ourselves everyday. The American Dream Lifestyle is about working hard in school or at work during the week, but always taking time to go on Adventures & Celebrate our American Freedom.

Spend the weekend in a beach house with your friends. Enjoy the ocean waves & sand between your toes during the day, and then hit the town at night, singing along to songs performed by the live cover band at the bar. Keep the adventure going & head back to the beach and try to stay awake until the sun rises.

If the lake is more your scene, get out on the boat! Bring a cooler full of drinks and squad of good people- then don’t bring the boat back to the dock until it’s running out of gas. Being out in the middle of the lake looking around at the beautiful water with your favorite people- that’s a 'Live the American Dream' moment.

Go Hiking up a Mountain. Go On Road Trips. Grill Burgers & Hot Dogs. Go to Baseball Games & Catch a Home Run. Explore the Woods. Go Cliff Diving. Spend a Day in the City Shopping & Dining. Go Camping with Unlimited Beer, a Guitar & Best Friends. Do What you Love. Live the American Dream.

This Lifestyle is reflected in our casual, preppy & patriotic clothing- and nothing has changed with our newest product. We’re Proud to Introduce our Patriotic Pocket Baseball Tee for Men & Women. This Raglan Tee is not technically considered a ‘Unique Pocket’ because there are no decisions to be made. The stylish three-quarter sleeve tee comes in white with red sleeves & has a faded blue front pocket with the stars of the American Flag. It’s a unisex tee that both ladies & gentlemen can wear proudly while doing any of the ‘Live the American Dream’ activities mentioned above.

Unisex Baseball Tees

Men’s Style Guide- Baseball Tees are casual and can be worn during summer or fall since it could be considered a long sleeve or short sleeve tee. This Patriotic Pocket Tee looks best with a pair of jeans because the faded blue pocket is a great match. It could also go well with a pair of khaki shorts, especially in navy blue. PLEASE don’t wear anything of ours with Cargo Shorts! You’re better than that. Our Navy ‘Live the American Dream’ Baseball Hat is a natural compliment with this tee, matching in color & style. You’ll look great in this United Raglan/Baseball Pocket Tee.

Men's Patriotic Baseball Tee & United Hat

Ladies Style Guide- The oversized nature of this patriotic raglan pocket tee makes for a cute & fun-loving start to an outfit. Perfect for eating peanuts & crackerjack at a summer baseball game with a pair of ripped jean shorts. You’ll look cute with a matching baseball hat & a smile on your face. In the fall, a pair of leggings and this baseball tee are a great outfit that will be sure to turn some heads when walking around campus! We believe your clothing should reflect the patriotic spirit that lies within you- you’ll look amazing in this brand new United Tee.

patriotic raglan tee

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