Unique Pockets

Everyone has something that makes them unique. It could be a talent, a passion, or a story. Everyone has that one thing that makes them stand out, and makes them different from the rest. For United Tees, the thing that stands us apart from the rest (besides our undying patriotism!) is our unique pockets on our apparel.

Our unique pockets are our way of helping to make your look as personalized as possible. The pockets can go on a huge variety of our clothes, including long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, tanks...even on the back of our seersucker athletic shorts.

Our unique pockets page shows you all the different options and patterns available. All you have to do is pick the design you like the best, and then decide what you want to wear it on! It couldn’t be easier, or more personal. Or dare we say...unique?

Unlike other tee companies that do something similar, you can preview what your shirt will look like with the patterned pocket you choose right on the site. That way, you know exactly how it will look and what colors go well together. Feel free to try as many pattern combinations as you desire! We want to make sure you’re ordering the perfect item to complement your lifestyle.

You can even get a pocket on our designed tanks! When you want to add an extra unique touch to our “Treat Everyday Like the 4th of July” tank, or our “Preppy, Patriotic, Proud” design, we’ve got you covered (just to name a couple). We especially love our patriotic American flag patterns, but we also have lots of seersucker, gingham, plaid, and many more! There’s definitely a pattern for everyone to love and wear.

One special product that we’re all really proud of here is our new racerback unique pocket  dresses! They’re cute, comfortable, and wearable for any occasion. And of course, super customizable with our unique pockets! The patterns currently available for the dresses are summer plaid, vintage American flag, paisley, light blue seersucker and pink seersucker! We chose patterns that are fun, bright and eye-catching- all qualities a girl rocking our dress should personify.

So what are you waiting for? Head to our Unique Pocket page and start shopping for your new unique look!

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