10 Ways to use a Mini America Flag

There's so much you can do with a Mini American Flag! Out of all the possibilities, we narrowed it down to a top 10 list of all the awesome things that our mini American Flag can be used for!

      1. Wave it out the window of your red Jeep Wrangler as you and your friends cruise down the country roads.
      2. Bring it to the beach and stick it in the stand right next to your beach chair so everyone knows what's up.
      3. Carry it with you to the biggest outdoor country concert of the year and wave it to the beat of the music with pride.
      4. Dress it up and stick it in the front pocket of your best shirt at your next office party...
      5. Or dress it down and stick it in the back pocket of your shortest jean shorts at a friend's BBQ.
      6. Bring it to your college summer orientation and be instantly surrounded by people who want to be best friends with you.
      7. Give it to the first tourist you see on vacation in the great USA...spread the wealth.
      8. Better yet, visit a different country and leave the flag in the most prominent spot you can find.
      9. Keep it until the winter holiday season and stick it right at the top of the tree.
      10. Preserve it on display in your home until it's finally Fourth of July and you can whip it out all over the place.

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