Spring Break 2015

There are 4 years of College. Each spring semester, after multiple stressful mid-term exams, students across the country are given a well-deserved week off. Some years you'll go back home to mom & dad, excited to eat home-cooked meals for a week. Some years you'll stay at school and work extra hours at your part time job...  Then there is the year you go on Spring Break

Every college kid understands that there is a huge difference between spring break, and SPRING BREAK. Most broke college kids are just lucky enough to plan one Spring Break trip for the ages. The planning was done months in advance with your best friends. This once in a lifetime trip has been your motivation to get you through all of those monday morning classes.

You have dreamed of good looking people in bathing suits, packed together on a tropical beach. There is a seemingly bottomless plastic cup of various unknown liquors in your hand, topped off with some kind of delicious tropical punch. This is the mecca of your college party experience. The memories of specific events & conversations will be forgotten in a drunken haze, but you will never forget this feeling of Spring Break Bliss. At United Tees, we have Spring Break Tank Tops & accessories that will be perfect to bring and wear on your trip. This Spring Break, Live the American Dream.

Popular Spring Break Destinations in the United States by Region

East Coast
Panama City Beach, Florida- The #1 Spring Break Destination in the USA. Panama City Beach is Insane. Events include the 'Get Lei'd' Luau, Highlighter Parties, and unlimited bacon breakfasts every morning to get your stomach ready for a full day of drinking. Read more at the Panama City Spring Break Blog. Other popular destinations include the Gulf Shores Beach in Alabama and the always sunny city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

South Padre Island, Texas- South Padre Island is the main destination for spring breakers from south central & mid-western parts of the United States of America. Texas is a state full of American Pride, which is the most popular spring break theme. Every year, over 100,000 spring breakers will get crazy on the beaches of Texas. Activities include jetskis, surfing, and of course beach bars galore.

West Coast
Lake Havasu City, Arizona- This spot is the Spring Break Destination to over 150,000 college kids every single year. Events are often sponsored by energy drink companies, which is fitting because the partying literally does not stop for a week. A giant stage on the beach is always going with EDM performances. Often, party boats piled with spring breakers take off out onto the lake. There is no cooling down on Spring Break is Arizona. The stunningly beautiful beach town of Santa Monica Beach, California is another popular Spring Break spot in the west coast.

International Spring Break 
If you are leaving greatest country in the world for spring break, that is okay. As long as you wear a ridiculous amount of American Flag Tank Tops & never stop chanting USA, USA, USA. It's a great irony to be an American Pride Party Animal while in another country. Popular international destinations include Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas & Acapulco, both in Mexico. You can still live the American Dream while spring breaking in one of these international destinations.

Be Like Channing Tatum in 22 Jump Street in his 'Suns Out, Guns Out' Tank Top and make 2015 the most Amazing College Spring Break Party Experience of your Life. Party Like its 1776 & Live the American Dream.

Mens Tank Tops American Spring BReak

Ladies America Spring Break Tank Top


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