We're All About Freedom. Free Shipping. Free Returns. – United

We're All About Freedom. Free Shipping. Free Returns.

Our Brand is all about Freedom. The American Dream Lifestyle would not be what it is without the feeling of good ol' fashion American Freedom. Today we are introducing:

Free Shipping & Free Returns on all Orders

United Tees Trust, Is United Tees Trustworthy? Yes. Free Shipping, Free Returns & Customer Support.

As predominately an online store, shipping is a very important part of our business. It is the highest priority for us to get our customers their packages as soon as possible! We have invested a lot of time, money & energy into making our shipping systems as efficient as possible.

In the past we've experimented with Free Shipping, $3 Flat Rate Shipping, $5 Flat Rate Shipping, Free Shipping on Orders over $50, etc. Also we have had customers pay the shipping for returns & exchanges. Now all you need to do is email us and we will send you a Free Return Label. From now on, no more experimenting- It's Free Shipping & Free Returns. Our United Customers deserve the Best.

In Addition, we've become more accessible for support so you can always know what's going on with your order:

Track Your Order
Chat With Us (Bottom Right Corner)
Call Us
Email Us
Customer Accounts

We have Live support Monday to Friday 9-5. We never want you to be frustrated as a customer, and we want placing orders from our website to be as easy & simple as possible.

We appreciate all of our many customers. As Always, Live the American Dream.

-Sean Lowery
United Tees


  • Isa

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  • Renata

    Hey Matthijs,Thanks for the input, let us know what you think after using the tool a bit, feedback is aalyws helpful. You note some good points here. I think what we are going to do down the road is write a more real world example than the simple one we already posted (which was just meant as a very basic introduction) and that example would include some code similar to what you have above.Gabe

  • Lauren

    Love this! Does the free shipping also apply to United-Monograms?

  • Amy Stankavage

    I think this is a fabulous idea! I surely only shop at companies who offer this! wish you guys much success and blessings♡♡

  • Kayla fernandez

    I really love your guys’ brand. I think you do an excellent job with your marketing. I hope that you guys continue to grow as a company and become more wide spread.

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