Year in Review: Top 10 Best-Selling United Tees of 2014

     2014 has been an incredible year for the United Tees Brand. Not only did we successfully launch United Monograms & establish our 'U' logo, but we have continued to grow a following of American men & ladies who connect with our brand & 'American Dream' Lifestyle. The business' physical location has moved from Philadelphia to the warm, southern, and fashionable city of Charleston, SC. Our company started out as mostly fratty, funny & patriotic tank tops to wear in the summer months around the 4th of July.
     We continued to invest our money and put out new designs, watching closely to what was purchased & how customers reacted to what they bought & wore. As we continue to grow, we have made many observations about what our customers like. Obviously American Flags & patriotic clothes have been popular, but we are also noticing a lot of our customers have strong southern pride & our lady customers love to have all of their clothing monogrammed. We have observed that a lot of our customers consider themselves preppy, and take great pride in their daily clothing selection & always strive to be sharply dressed.
     The 'American Dream' Lifestyle can be interpreted in many ways. Our slogan, 'Live the American Dream' is all about being comfortable, doing exciting and fun things with the most important people in your life, and looking good along the way. Our brand will continue to reflect this attitude as we release new products into 2015 and beyond. We will always have those fratty summer tank tops, but in 2015 we are looking to release new clothing like custom pocket tees, hats, button down shirts, and much more.
     We want to grow into one of the best clothing brands in the country, and we understand this will take hard work over a long period of time. We are investing time, energy & money into how to get quality products manufactured and shipped to your doorstep as quickly as possible. We would be nothing without all of our Brand loyalists, so keep an eye on United Tees, and most importantly, keep on Living the American Dream.




      Sean Lowery, United Tees Owner

      Sean Lowery
      Founder & Owner, United Tees

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