'Merica Monday

It has become a popular belief that Mondays are just the absolute worst. You’ve slept in, relaxed, enjoyed hanging with your friends and truly lived the American Dream for the past two consecutive days and then all of a sudden BAM…it’s back to reality. In an instant, Monday mornings are there totally uninvited and it’s on to the daily grind. Whether you’re still living out your carefree days of college or are now living the post-grad life with your first official REAL job, you get it. Normally, Mondays aren’t fun for anyone. But we want you to think differently about Mondays! It's already the best start to any day when you wake up in America, and it doesn't benefit anyone to have a negative attitude about the start of a week. This could be the week something great happens! Let's start to look at 'Merica Mondays in a positive light.

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United Tees can most certainly say that Starbucks is our main confidant on Mondays. However, even the delicious aroma and sweet taste of our favorite Starbucks’ lattes can’t wipe away our Monday blues. They are always there looming over us after every nice, stress-free weekend. Yet, in proud American Spirit,  we’re here to say that although Mondays are pretty much the most terrible of the seven day week (especially now that it’s colder), there are plenty of things that are worse.

Let’s celebrate the start of the year and be grateful for living in such an amazing country. After all, United Tees is practically head of the cheerleading squad for team America all year long, and we know you love America also. Trying out our products and wearing the American Dream is the first step. When thinking of what to get your BFF, significant other, roommate, relative or whomever you’re buying presents for this year…think United Tees- the #1 American Pride Clothing Brand. Yet, don’t forget about yourself when browsing through our sweet product line. You deserve to cut yourself a break and treat yourself to some awesome 'American Flag Swag' this year! We have great cold weather products that are both comfortable and stylish, helping to keep you warm through these not-so-fun wintry months.

Our Gingham Quarter Zip Pullover, is your best bet for a cool, preppy winter look for anyone. And as we’ve mentioned in previous posts, you can’t forget about our light-weight zip up United Tees 'Live the American Dream' hoodies for both ladies and gentlemen this season. These ultra-soft zip ups make the perfect layering companion, taking you from mild to cold days.  Just layer on up when necessary. With our spirit jerseys, classic tee shirts, long sleeve tees and various other accessories for both the guys and girls, let United Tees be your guide in keeping your American style on par.

Now we challenge you to truly live it. Go out there and enjoy life, EVEN Monday mornings (just don’t forget to bundle up for those of you in the cold). Take in everything that life gives you and realize that we should be lucky to be Americans. Be proud and never ever deny the goodness that is the Great American lifestyle. As always, live the American Dream and enjoy this special time of year with the people that matter most to you.


  • Lulu

    Hi you guys. It was great meeting you yretesday at the expo center. I’m the photog who wants to shoot a chicken in a shirt. I bought a onsie and the more I think about it the 6 mos size is way to small. Know you are busy this weekend buy you have my card and if you could give me a call and I could exchange it even for a toddler t I think that’s a better idea.thanks

  • Net

    anything in Alexis’ defense or tried to dfisfue the situation (including her supposed friend’ Gretchen). If Heather was the stand up’ person she claims when Alexis suggested they should talk alone etc that’s what should have happened. Instead Heather opened up the convo to let Tamra unload on Alexis and bring everyone into it. Tamra is disgusting she is always aware of where the camera is and when to turn her act on. Alexis is def. not innocent, I really just think she’s not too bright but that shouldn’t cause all of the women to go after her like that. She took it for a quite a while it seems before she broke down. Alexis doesn’t seem to go out of her way to be cruel to the others but they sure do it to her. Tamra orchestrated this whole thing and was probably tingling with excitement when all the other ladies jumped on and went for Alexis. I can’t stand Tamra she’s the most phony of them all!

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