10 Greatest American Slogans (Beside the Obvious Slogan 'Wear the American Dream.')

We take pride in our slogan 'Wear the American Dream.' Along with our 'U' Logo, this slogan represents what our brand stands for. Every time you throw on your crisp new United Tee and/or Tank Top, we want you to beam with American Pride. Our Brand represents this USA Pride! We are the #1 American Pride Clothing Brand, and we take great pride in our brand, United Tees. In honor of our slogan, we are listing the 10 greatest American advertising slogans of all time. If we are not there already, we strive to be among this list. Wear the American Dream.

Wear the American Dream, United Clothing Brand 

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WE WANT YOU to help United Tees finalize our list of the "Top 10 Greatest American Slogans of All Time" (list courtesy of AdAge). And because we love America so much, we thought it only seemed right to have a good ole’ fashion American contest. You know what that means, it's time to give out an exclusive United Tank Top, Pocket Tee, and Koozies!

Hats off to The Beatles, we sure do get by with a little help from our friends. So this time around, we’re asking all of you loyal customers to submit what you believe to be the 10th entry on United Tee’s "Best American Slogans of All Time" list. Comment on this blog below with your pick of the final American slogan for the list and get a chance to win one of our exclusive All American tank tops. Now let’s get started:

1.) “A Diamond is Forever”- It’s no secret that Marilyn Monroe’s, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, number has most certainly rang true through the years. What girl would say no to a diamond best friend that beams on their hand? Signature, precious and beautiful…there is a reason these stones symbolize the longevity of a lasting relationship...they indeed are forever.

2.) Nike’s “Just Do It”- This is probably THE MOST widely recognized slogan throughout not only America, but most likely the world. The “Just Do It” slogan captures the overall notion of what sports are all about: perseverance and victory. If you’re a jock, you totally understand what we’re talking about. But this is not only a slogan for athletes. This phrase captures the All American spirit as well. Fight to the end and never give up.

3.) “Got Milk?”- It’s the slogan we all grew up with. The multi-faceted celebrity campaigns and endorsements helped milk never seem cooler to us kids. Now that’s great marketing!

4.) “Where’s the beef?”-Short, sweet and to the point, WHERE IS THE BEEF was created to point out the lack of quality in competitors’ beef burgers. Even still, we're all about au naturel in American culture today so please leave the processing to the computers and stay away from our meat!

5.) “Great tasting, less filling”-Ahh Miller Lite. Nothing screams college frat party more than the taste of a Miller Lite. Oh and it’s low-calorie? Even better! So get the table out and gear up for your favorite game of beer pong or flip cup. It’s Miller Time!

6.) “Don’t leave home without it”-American Express' catchy little slogan has been in play for years. We’ve all heard it in endless upon endless commercials and ads. Consumer nation you may ask? Welp, guilty as charged.

7.) "M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your hand"- Let’s just say that these amazing chocolate creations happen to be a fan favorite here at United Tees. Even so, we can’t say that we agree with this slogan (no wonder M&Ms has changed their slogan multiple times through the years). So whether they melt in your hand or not, we’ll forgive Mars. Thank you, thank you for bringing these chocolate delights into the world.

8.) ''Does She ... or Doesn't She?’'-Unfortunately we’re all going to grow old and gray. But ladies (and men), remember, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of dark, fierce hair. Fear not, thanks to Clairol’s oh so marvelous product, no one even needs to know that you color those stubborn grays

9.) “You’re in Good Hands with All State”- Does anyone recognize the "All State guy" as the dad from “Love and Basketball’? I can’t even say this slogan in my head without hearing his voice! Pure marketing genius! Touché All State, touché.

10.) Dun dun dun…what will it be?

Help us finish off Ad Age’s list of the "Top American Slogans of All Time" with your idea! No, you may not use their number 10, our our 'Wear the American Dream' Slogan! Creative entries only :) We will pick the winner of our Great American Tank Contest today at 3PM EST (Contest ENDED 6/20)! May the best entry win!


June 20th, 2014: Congratulations to @LaceyMomma for winning the United Pocket Tee, Tank Top, and Koozies! 



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    “Life, Liberty, & the pursuit of Happiness!”

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    Wear freedom- united tees

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    You’re not you when you’re hungry! -Snickers


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