'Uncle Sam Back to Back World War Champs' Tank Top: The America Tank Top with Attitude

Certified Uncle Sam approved, these 'Back to Back World War Champs' tank tops mean business. 

Be the first amongst your crew to wear our exclusive, best-selling Uncle Sam Back to Back World Champs’ Tank Top! Remember, it doesn’t have to be the Fourth of July to celebrate the wonderful US of A! With our quality America tank tops you can rep USA all summer long, while wearing stylish tanks that your friends will be oh so envious of…

Whether at your friend’s beach house, a summertime house party, or a patriotic July 4th celebration, it’s all about showing your stripes. As Americans, we may have one of the largest egos in the world, but come on, can you really blame us? At United Tees, we love our country and we hope you do too. We’re all about living it up, so why not do so in style?

Not to mention, everyone knows that Fraternity Men & Sorority Girls are all about representing what they stand for. In the summer away from Campus, those Greek letters turn into red, white, and blue apparel. You're going to want to look the part when chanting USA, USA, USA! So don’t disappoint, dress to impress! And believe us when we tell you, the next time you show up back at college to a Greek life event wearing one of our tanks, everyone will be dying to find out where you snagged your United Tees exclusive! You may even want to order these tank tops for your whole crew, especially in time for America’s big birthday bash, which is right around the corner!

This summer think Uncle Sam, think America, and think United America tank tops. Strut that American attitude in one of our Uncle Sam 'Back to Back World Champs' tanks, but be warned, these tanks don’t seem to stay on the shelves for long!

Make us proud… party it up, get noticed, and Wear the American Dream.

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