All-American Summer

Have an All American Summer
5 Things You Need for an American Summer 

Despite the frigid winter, it’s safe to say that the rising temps are here to stay, which means that it’s officially time to flock to the shores and live that American Dream. What are your favorite ways to commemorate the season? In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, United has compiled a list of the top five most American things to do during the summer. So get going and live your summer right! 


1) BBQ Party
Can we even start an “All American” list without first pointing out THE most American thing to do once the temperatures warm up? Here at United Tees we feel that 70-degree weather marks the beginning of good ol’ fashion BBQ season. Mouth watering ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers...let’s face it, we Americans sure do love our BBQ parties. And as you host your “kick off to the summer” party for your family and friends, what better way to show your American pride than throwing on one of our United America Tank Tops?






2) Concerts, Concerts, Concerts Galore

Sweet, sweet summertime screams concert season. Whether it’s Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffet, or any music festival, chances are if you’re between the ages of 18-24, you’ll probably find yourself at some kind of music event this summer. So let loose, show off your American pride and belt those tunes. Nothing is better than waking up early to tailgate in the parking lot and drink all day long before the concert begins after the sun goes down.


3) Budweiser
Need we say more? This one goes out to all of you American loving, truck driving, beer drinking, southern living, free people of the United States of America. Of course Budweiser had to make our list. With an Ice-cold Red, White & Blue freedom rocket in your hand, life couldn't be better. If you’re a true American, you’ll understand ;)


4) Baseball
As America’s favorite pastime, this one is another no brainer. Americans love baseball. In fact, many MLB teams have a cult following in their cities. If you’re someone who lives, breathes, and dies baseball, clearly you see our point. Yet even for those who don’t understand the game (or even care for that matter), once you go to one game the excitement for it will overcome you. Games are especially exciting if you spend 3 hours tailgating & grilling burgers in the parking lot before the game. From the first pitch, you’ll be hooked. Maybe it’s the tailgating or the energy of the crowd, but sports lovers & non-sports lovers alike can all agree that baseball games are what summer is all about.

5) Winning
America has known a thing or two about winning well before Charlie Sheen coined his famous catchphrase, so this one is the clincher. As back-to-back world champs, we Americans wear our pride on our sleeves (or shoulders when we are wearing America Tank Tops), but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re proud of our country! To all other countries we say "Red, White, Blue and Better Than You."


So Celebrate all Summer Long & treat every day like the 4th of July. This Summer let’s ring in the carefree days of summer and wave our American flags high, all while Wearing the American Dream in our favorite America Tank Tops from United Tees. 



  • Kyah Ellis

    For the next month me and a bunch of close mates are doing up a rv van and going on a road trip. We have it all planned and we are deffintly have all our booze and bbqs ready! We planned to go to a few festivals! I think I recommend us going to a few baseball matches aswell! Lots of fun basically

  • Andrew Denby

    Spending long nights with my boys around a bonfire with music blasting in the background and having a good time is my idea of how I hope my summer nights will be. Just relax and enjoy it.

  • Adam

    My all American summer will consist of working during the day and partying at night. Bonfires and wasting bullets.. Some mudding on the weekends and making my parents proud

  • Tyler

    My All-American summer will consist of lots of bonfires, and late nights with the boys. A few trips to Hilton Head South Carolina in the lifted f250. Church softball with a few titans football players, and a little wake boarding at the lake in my new united tees tank

  • Sean

    Pbr,pool,party that is all that is needed

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