Why the 4th of July is the Best Holiday

There is no Holiday that matches the Excitement of the 4th of July. Sean Lowery- Live the American Dream
It's a Holiday where there are no gift exchanges, no greeting cards & no church. It always has a weekend attached to it, even if it lands in the middle of the week. We choose our favorite people to spend the weekend with drinking beer, eating burgers & Living the American Dream.

I've always said that Celebrating is better than Partying. The 4th of July is a True Celebration where Fireworks are 100% necessary.

Sean Lowery
Founder & Owner, United Tees Inc.

Why is the 4th of July your Favorite Holiday?

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  • B Earnest

    4th of July has always been my favorite holiday because it’s like Thanksgiving but in the summer. Food, family, fun and a hint of freedom.

  • Alvin

    4th Of July Is All about Living the American Dream! It’s that simple. Also getting Drunk & watching fireworks is important. Love this Brand.

  • Angela

    Celebrating the 4th and the American Dream! With my United apparent of course! I have the Merica bow tank and long sleeve so I can represent all year!

  • Mario Navarro

    I love your brand and the 4th of July of course, because being of Hispanic descent living in the US has really helped me appreciate everything I have, and how lucky I am to live in this great country of ours

  • Jake Newton

    I love the fourth of July because 80% of my wardrobe already is American flags.

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